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The AVAVA Britespace

What Makes Avava Different?

Avava Systems is a high quality and sustainable space solution for nearly any type of construction from micro structures to multi-story urban developments. We started Avava Systems because we were convinced there was a better way to build our living and working spaces. The options available to home owners, business owners and real estate developers are often too expensive, limited and inefficient.

Avava Systems was inspired by the rapid construction of modular systems but also saw the need for a product that was more sustainable and had greater design flexibility. Experience the Avava Avantage.

Ultra Fast Assembly

Low Impact - No Waste

Affordable and Reliable

Easy to Customize

"If we keep building using the technology of today, it will be nearly impossible to solve the economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow." - Benjamin Kimmich, CEO

Let us help you create space for the future.